Rogue One: Cassian & K-2SO Special #1

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Rogue One — Cassian & K-2SO Special #1 (August 2017)
Cover:Julian Totino Tedesco
Verlag:Marvel (Verlagsseite)
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Reihe:Rogue One (Comic)
Ära:Dunkle Zeiten


  • Cassian Andor is one of the top intelligence agents in the ranks of the Rebel Alliance, ably assisted by his reprogrammed Imperial security droid, K-2SO.
  • But naturally, the two weren’t always on the same side of the Galactic Civil War.
  • Now, for the first time, read the story of the pair’s first contentious meeting! It is very likely not to go well.

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Rogue One — Cassian & K-2SO Special #1 (August 2017)Rogue One: Cassian & K-2SO Special
Duane Swierczynski (Autor), Fernando Blanco (Zeichner), Marcelo Maiolo (Kolorist)


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