Star Wars #72: Rebels and Rogues, Part 5

Ausgabe • Comic

Star Wars #72 (18.09.2019)
Cover:Phil Noto
Verlag:Marvel (Verlagsseite)
  • Heft
  • 32 S.
  • $3,99 USD
Reihe:Star Wars (Marvel 2015-2019)
Ära:Galaktischer Bürgerkrieg
Timeline:3 NSY


  • The time for answers is upon us – and destinies will change! As CHEWIE grapples with a terrible moral choice, LORD VADER reveals his plan for the rock people of K43!
  • As LUKE questions where he’s placed his trust, WARBA reveals her origins and true relationship to the FORCE!
  • And as LEIA and DAR spin around the dance floor, HAN uncovers the real villains of Lanz Carpo!

Enthaltene Werke

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Deutscher Titel: Star Wars XII: Rebellen und Schurken
Greg Pak (Autor), Phil Noto (Zeichner), Clayton Cowles (Letterer), Lindsey Cohick (Redakteur), Mark Paniccia (Redakteur), Tom Groneman (Redakteur)


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