Myths and Fables (Galaxy’s Edge Expanded Edition)

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Myths and Fables (Galaxy's Edge Expanded Edition) (2020)
Cover:Grant Griffin
Verlag:Disney-Lucasfilm Press
  • Hardcover
Reihe:Galaxy's Edge


An exclusive in-world version of Star Wars: Myths & Fables with six new stories by George Mann will be available later this year. The stories will appropriately be set back on Batuu, and across the galaxy on Endor, Dathomir, and Mon Cala. Plus, each one comes with new artwork from illustrator Grant Griffin, Mann said. But even the author himself hasn’t had a chance to snag a copy just yet. “I can’t wait to see it myself,” he said. “It’s going to look like an artifact from Batuu!” (


Diese um sechs Geschichten erweiterte Ausgabe war ab Herbst 2020 exklusiv in der Disney-Parks-Themenwelt Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge erhältlich.

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Myths and Fables (06.08.2019)
George Mann (Autor), Grant Griffin (Zeichner)
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