Star Wars Legends: Forever Crimson

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Star Wars Legends: Forever Crimson (21.01.2020)
  • Sammelband, Softcover
  • 152 S.
  • 978-1-302-92377-8
  • $19,99 USD
Ära:Ära der Rebellion
Timeline:0 NSY bis 4 NSY


A Star Wars saga decades in the making! Meet the droid-hating Valance the Hunter – who’s hot on the trail of Luke Skywalker! Will his destiny end by finding the rebel hero – or in a deadly confrontation with Darth Vader? Then, on a routine X-wing patrol, Luke and his squadron find a derelict Imperial Star Destroyer, with everyone on board dead – and their skin turned crimson! When the virus responsible leaves Luke in a coma, Han Solo and his allies face a race against time to cure the mysterious malady! Then, in the landmark Star Wars #108, return at last to the classic Marvel galaxy of a long time ago – continuing the stories of Valance and the Crimson Forever! And you won’t believe which classic characters return!

COLLECTING: STAR WARS (1977) 16, 27, 29, 50; STAR WARS (2019) 108

Enthaltene Werke (5)

Star Wars #16: The Hunter!
Archie Goodwin (Autor, Redakteur), Bob Wiacek (Zeichner), Walter Simonson (Zeichner), Bob Sharen (Kolorist), Jim Shooter (Redakteur)
Star Wars #27: Return of the Hunter
Archie Goodwin (Autor, Redakteur), Bob Wiacek (Zeichner), Carmine Infantino (Zeichner), Petra Goldberg (Kolorist), Jim Shooter (Redakteur)
Star Wars #29: Dark Encounter!
Archie Goodwin (Autor, Redakteur), Bob Wiacek (Zeichner), Carmine Infantino (Zeichner), Glynis Oliver (Kolorist), Jim Shooter (Redakteur)
Star Wars #50: The Crimson Forever
Archie Goodwin (Autor), Al Williamson (Zeichner), Tom Palmer (Zeichner), Walter Simonson (Zeichner), Don Warfield (Kolorist), Jim Shooter (Redakteur), Louise Simonson (Redakteur)
Star Wars #108 (29.05.2019)
Matthew Rosenberg (Autor), Andrea Broccardo (Zeichner, Kolorist), Giuseppe Camuncoli (Zeichner), Jan Duursema (Zeichner), Kerry Gammill (Zeichner), Leonard Kirk (Zeichner), Luke Ross (Zeichner), Stefano Landini (Zeichner), Cam Smith (Tuschezeichner), Ze Carlos (Tuschezeichner), Chris Sotomayor (Kolorist), Mark Paniccia (Redakteur), Tom Groneman (Redakteur)
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