The Original Marvel Years Omnibus Volume 2 (Greg Hildebrandt Variant Cover)

The Original Marvel Years Omnibus Volume 2 (Greg Hildebrandt Cover) (03.06.2015)
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The very first STAR WARS comic-book series continues! After the events of THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, loveable rogue Han Solo is lost, frozen in carbonite. But as the search for Solo begins, Imperial Forces and other troubles keep getting in the way. Princess Leia clashes with Darth Vader! Luke Skywalker goes on trial for treason! C-3PO and R2-D2 face danger on a droid moon! Lando Calrissian finds Cloud City deserted! If the Crimson Forever doesn’t get the rebels, maybe the new Imperial super-weapon will! And a new member joins the gang, with a crush on a certain handsome Jedi! Meanwhile, the discovery of a gold statue of Han reveals a hidden story from his and Chewbacca’s past. And who are the Hoojibs? It’s Star Wars in the Mighty Marvel Manner! Collecting STAR WARS (1977) #45-78 and ANNUAL #2.

Hinweis: Diese Ausgabe wurde exklusiv für den Comicfachhandel (direct market) produziert.

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The Original Marvel Years Omnibus Volume 2 (Gene Day Cover) Hardcover, Sammelband 23.06.2015
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Titel Sprache Format Datum
Star Wars #45: Death Probe! Heft 23.12.1980
Star Wars #46: The Dreams of Cody Sunn-Childe Heft 20.01.1981
Star Wars #47: Droid World! Heft 24.02.1981
Star Wars #48: The Third Law Heft 24.03.1981
Star Wars #49: The Last Jedi Heft 21.04.1981
Star Wars #50: The Crimson Forever Heft 19.05.1981
Star Wars #51: Resurrection of Evil Heft 16.06.1981
Star Wars #52: To Take The Tarkin Heft 21.07.1981
Star Wars #53: The Last Gift From Alderaan! Heft 18.08.1981
Star Wars #54: Starfire Rising Heft 22.09.1981
Star Wars #55: Plif! Heft 20.10.1981
Star Wars #56: Coffin in the Clouds Heft 24.11.1981
Star Wars #57: Hello, Bespin, Good-bye! Heft 15.12.1981
Star Wars #58: Sundown! Heft 19.01.1982
Star Wars #59: Bazarre Heft 16.02.1982
Star Wars #60: Shira’s Story Heft 16.03.1982
Star Wars #61: Screams in the Void Heft 13.04.1982
Star Wars #62: Pariah! Heft 18.05.1982
Star Wars #63: The Mind Spider! Heft 15.06.1982
Star Wars #64: Serphidian Eyes Heft 13.07.1982
Star Wars #65: Golrath Never Forgets Heft 17.08.1982
Star Wars #66: The Water Bandits Heft 14.09.1982
Star Wars #67: The Darker Heft 19.10.1982
Star Wars #68: The Search Begins Heft 16.11.1982
Star Wars #69: Death in the City of Bone Heft 14.12.1982
Star Wars #70: The Stenax Shuffle Heft 18.01.1983
Star Wars #71: Return to Stenos Heft 15.02.1983
Star Wars #72: Fool’s Bounty Heft 15.03.1983
Star Wars #73: Lahsbane Heft 12.04.1983
Star Wars #74: The Iskalon Effect Heft 17.05.1983
Star Wars #75: Tidal Heft 24.05.1983
Star Wars #76: Artoo-Detoo to the Rescue Heft 19.07.1983
Star Wars #77: Chanteuse of the Stars… Heft 16.08.1983
Star Wars Annual #2: Shadeshine! Heft 17.08.1982
Star Wars #78: Hoth Stuff! Heft 23.08.1983
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