The Mandalorian: The Art & Imagery Collector’s Edition Volume 1

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The Mandalorian: The Art & Imagery Collector’s Edition Volume 1 (26.05.2020)
Cover:Christian Alzmann
Verlag:Titan (Verlagsseite)
  • Softcover
  • 100 S.
  • $12,99 USD
Reihe:The Mandalorian


Explore the amazing world of Star Wars: The Mandalorian, the critically acclaimed series that expands the Star Wars galaxy to incredible new frontiers. This deluxe edition collects the stunning artwork from the first four chapters of the Disney+ smash hit, highlighting the characters, creatures, allies, enemies, and environments of this all-new Star Wars story.

In addition to showcasing stunning illustrative images and photography, this guide also features art by Doug Chiang, Christian Alzmann, Ryan Church, Nick Gindraux, John Park, Jama Jurabaev, Erik Tiemens, Brian Matyas, Seth Engstrom, and Anton Grandert.

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The Mandalorian: The Art and the Imagery Collector's Edition Volume 1 (31.03.2020)
Anton Grandert (Zeichner), Brian Matayas (Zeichner), Christian Alzmann (Zeichner), Doug Chiang (Zeichner), Erik Tiemens (Zeichner), Jama Jurabaev (Zeichner), John Park (Zeichner), Nick Gindraux (Zeichner), Ryan Church (Zeichner), Seth Engstrom (Zeichner)


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