Darth Vader Volume 9: Rise of the Schism Imperial

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Darth Vader Volume 9: Rise of the Schism Imperial (10.09.2024)
Dienstag, 10. September 2024
Darth Vader (Marvel, 2020-2024)
Niedergang der Jedi, Ära der Rebellion
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The saga of Darth Vader continues as the Empire is rocked by treason! In the wake of DARK DROIDS, Vader explores his powers and takes on the most dangerous team of rebel heroes he’s ever faced! Meanwhile, the greatest threat to the Emperor’s rule is rising – from within the Empire itself! Will the Dark Lord quell this insurrection…or join it? Palpatine’s aide and double agent, the Umbaran Sly Moore nurtures her conspirators! Kitster and Wald return – along with the death machinery of Governor Tauntaza! But when a group of betrayers comes together, how long will it be until they turn on one other? Plus: A rebel squad of cyborgs brings chaos – and meet Vader’s enforcers! But what treasure or horror lies within the Martyrium of Frozen Tears? Collecting STAR WARS: DARTH VADER (2020) #42-45, STAR WARS: THE PHANTOM MENACE 25TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL and material from STAR WARS: REVELATIONS (2023) #1.

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