The High Republic: Quest for the Hidden City

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The High Republic: Quest for the Hidden City (06.12.2022)
Dienstag, 6. Dezember 2022
Nilah Magruder
Die Hohe Republik
Hohe Republik (382 VSY)
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Centuries before the Clone Wars or the Empire, in the early days of the High Republic, it was an age of exploration in a galaxy far, far away. . . .

Daring pilots chart new routes through hyperspace, while Pathfinder teams make contact with frontier worlds to invite them to join the Republic. When a Pathfinder team’s communications droid is found drifting in space, damaged and bearing a cryptic message, Jedi Knight Silandra Sho and her Padawan, Rooper Nitani, are sent to find the missing team members.

Their investigation leads them to the planet Gloam, a ravaged world said to be haunted by mythical monsters. Can the Jedi find the missing Pathfinders and unravel the mystery of the monsters? The answers lie in a hidden city beneath the planet’s surface. . . .

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