Queen’s Peril

Ausgabe • Young-Adult-Roman

Queen's Peril (02.06.2020)
Mitwirkende:Emily Kate Johnston - Autor
Cover:Tara Phillips
Verlag:Disney-Lucasfilm Press (Verlagsseite)
  • Hardcover
  • 352 S.
  • 978-1-368-05714-1
  • 17,99 €
Ära:Galaktische Republik
Timeline:32 VSY


When fourteen-year-old Padmé Naberrie wins the election for Queen of Naboo, she adopts the name Amidala and leaves her family to the rule from the royal palace. To keep her safe and secure, she’ll need a group of skilled handmaidens who can be her assistants, confidantes, defenders, and decoys. Each girl is selected for her particular talents, but it will be up to Padmé to unite them as a group. When Naboo is invaded by forces of the Trade Federation, Queen Amidala and her handmaidens will face the greatest test–of themselves, and of each other.

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Queen's Peril (02.06.2020)
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