Age of Rebellion: Forged in Battle

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Age of Rebellion: Forged in Battle (18.08.2016)
Verlag:Fantasy Flight Games (Verlagsseite)
  • Hardcover
  • 96 S.
  • 978-1-63344-289-4
  • $29,95 USD
Ära:Ära der Rebellion


The Alliance to Restore the Republic rests on high-minded ideals, but its battles must still be won in the trenches. The Rebellion’s troops go into every battle outnumbered and outgunned. Its soldiers know that they’re fighting a war against long odds, but they remain undaunted. Instead, they rally together, using their cunning, their skill, and their courage to ensure that the hope for freedom persists in the galaxy.

A Soldier sourcebook for the Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Roleplaying Game, Forged in Battle offers these brave warriors a wealth of new options and resources with which they can better take the fight to the Empire. Its 96 full-color pages introduce new species, specializations, and signature abilities. A sizable collection of new weapons, armor, gear, and vehicles adds more firepower to your campaign, and Game Masters will find helpful hints on running combats in different terrain, using the changes in environment to better suit the tastes of your Soldiers, as well as all other characters interested in standing on the front lines.

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Age of Rebellion: Forged in Battle (18.08.2016)
Jason Marker (Autor), John Dunn (Autor), Keith Ryan Kappel (Autor), Max Brooke (Autor), Rome Reginelli (Autor), Ryan Brooks (Autor), Sterling Hershey (Autor), Tim Cox (Autor), Aaron Riley (Zeichner), Adam Schumpert (Zeichner), Alberto Bontempi (Zeichner), Audrey Hotte (Zeichner), Ben Zweifel (Zeichner), Chris Knight (Zeichner), Cristi Balanescu (Zeichner), Darren Tan (Zeichner), David Auden Nash (Zeichner), David Kegg (Zeichner), JB Casacop (Zeichner), Jacob Atienza (Zeichner), Jason Juta (Zeichner), Jeff Lee Johnson (Zeichner), Joel Hustak (Zeichner), Joshua Calloway (Zeichner), Mariusz Gandzel (Zeichner), Mark Behm (Zeichner), Matt Bradbury (Zeichner), Micah Epstein (Zeichner), Michael Rasmussen (Zeichner), Mike Nash (Zeichner), Nasrul Hakim (Zeichner), Ralph McQuarrie (Zeichner), Romana Kendelic (Zeichner), Ryan Valle (Zeichner), Sam Lamont (Zeichner), Stephen Somers (Zeichner), VIKO (Zeichner)
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