Force and Destiny: Lure of the Lost

Werk / Ausgabe • Rollenspiel

Donnerstag, 18. Juni 2015
Magali Villeneuve
Ära der Rebellion


The Beginner Game doesn’t end once you’ve completed Mountaintop Rescue. A free, downloadable adventure, Lure of the Lost picks up right where Mountaintop Rescue leaves off and takes players on a quest across the planet of Spintir, through its villages and forests, all the way to the capital city of Reles. Lure of the Lost introduces both new locations and numerous new adversaries, from hostile villagers to Imperial troops.

Moral turmoils take on great significance in Lure of the Lost. Unlike characters in Age of Rebellion or Edge of the Empire, those of Force and Destiny are heavily shaped by their morality. If they succumb too much to fear, anger, hate, or even apathy, they can eventually descend towards the dark side. Lure of the Lost provides advice for Game Masters on how to incorporate and highlight difficult moral choices, helping you master this unique aspect of the Force and Destiny system.


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