Watto betritt die Bühne in The Phantom of Menace

Ian Doescher macht weiter mit seinen Auszügen aus The Phantom of Menace. Diesmal ist Watto dran, der wie Dogberry aus Shakespeares Much Ado About Nothing zu Wortverwechslungen neigt.

William Shakespeare‘s The Phantom of Menace (07.04.2015)
William Shakespeare‘s The Phantom of Menace (07.04.2015)
Watto: You vile dissembly, cheat and villain rank—
Somehow I have been swindl’d in your deal.
You knew—by magic most unnational—
The boy would find the will to win the race.
My fortune hath been most unfortunate,
And all that I did think to win I’ve lost.

Qui-Gon: And yet the sport is gambling call’d for there
Is e’er the chance that one shall sorely lose.
When one doth walk e’er near th’inferno’s edge,
One must expect to burn from time to time.
Now to our business: bring thou the parts
Unto the hangar where I’ll make my claim.
Thereafter I shall visit thy small shop,
That thou may to my care release the boy.

Watto: Nay, I shall never let you take him hence;
A wager’s mollified when one doth cheat.

Qui-Gon: Mayhap thou wouldst prefer to talk it o’er
Within the court and justice of the Hutts?
I have no doubt they would take merriment
In proffering a settlement twixt us.
I would delight to witness Jabba’s face
As thou explainest thine absurd complaint.

Watto: [Aside:] This mention of the Hutts destroys my case.
[To Qui-Gon:] Forsooth, the boy is yours—both be accurs’d!

The Phantom of Menace erscheint am Dienstag und kann hier¹ vorbestellt werden.

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