Anakins und Padmés erstes Treffen in The Phantom of Menace

Ian Doescher setzt seinen Teaser-Countdown zur Veröffentlichung von William Shakespeare’s The Phantom of Menace fort. Als dritten Vorgeschmack präsentiert er uns nun Anakins und Padmés erste Begegnung in Episode I, bei der Anakin aber mehr nach Romeo klingt als im Quellmaterial.

William Shakespeare‘s The Phantom of Menace (07.04.2015)
William Shakespeare‘s The Phantom of Menace (07.04.2015)
Anakin: [Aside:] Though I am young, and burden’d by the shine
Of too much sunlight here on Tatooine,
Still I can tell the presence of a light
Far brighter than e’er I dream’d possible.
O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright!
[To Padmé:] Excuse me this intrusion, madam, but:
Are you by some celestial body sent?
Did you make home beyond the galaxy,
Whence you did come to bless my little life?

Padmé: What didst thou say?

Anakin: —Are you celesti’lly born?
Those pilots who do wander deep in space
Do tell of beings pure and undefil’d:
Such beauty’s in their aspect and their song
That all who hear their music ‘gin to weep
And long to be forever in the sway
Of their most splendid, perfect melody.
Methinks they live upon the moon Iego,
And there they play their notes for all who pass.

Padmé: Thou art a droll, audacious little boy.
How comes this knowledge from such youthful lips?

Anakin: I do but listen: train my ear toward
The traders and the pilots who traverse
This lonely planet. Truly, I do call
Myself a pilot, too, and shall one day
Fly far beyond this planet’s stifling reach.

Padmé: Thou art a pilot?

Anakin: —Troth, for all the days
I have upon this barren planet dwell’d.

Padmé: What is the number of those days thereon?

Anakin: O, since I was a lad of but three years.
My mother and myself were peddl’d to
Gardulla of the Hutt, who did but lose
Her new investment gambling o’er the pods.

Padmé: Thou art a slave?

Anakin: —O appellation dire!
Pray, when you think of me think not of slave.
Think not that I am baseborn, made to work,
Think not of one who lives by harsh commands,
Think not of one whose destiny’s controll’d,
Think rather of my worthy qualities,
Think of my name, good lady: Anakin.

The Phantom of Menace erscheint am Dienstag und kann hier¹ vorbestellt werden.

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