Star Wars Master Models: R2-D2

Star Wars Master Models: R2-D2 (10.10.2017)
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Build a highly-detailed papercraft model of everyone’s favorite R2 unit, complete with metallic finishes, push-button lights, and a chip that plays R2-D2’s iconic chirps, then follow his many adventures.

Without R2-D2, where would the galaxy be? Queen Amidala wouldn’t have escaped from Naboo, Luke Skywalker wouldn’t have trained under Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Princess Leia would have been executed by Darth Vader on the Death Star.

Now with Star Wars Master Models: R2-D2 you can give this little droid his due by building the ultimate papercraft model of everyone’s favorite R2 unit, complete with lights and sound! Then follow his many adventures as he saves the galaxy time and again.

Star Wars Master Models: R2-D2 includes die-cut pieces with metallic-ink printing, push-button lights, a sound chip, and detailed instructions on how to construct the model–everything you need to build a one foot tall model of R2-D2.

Plus, this kit includes a paperback book that begins with R2-D2’s early days on Naboo and artfully brings to life those key moments in the Star Wars saga when his quick action saves the day. Relive the adventures, learn new details from the Star Wars universe, and make an awesome model to display with this amazing kit.

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