The High Republic: The Edge of Balance Volume 2

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The High Republic: The Edge of Balance Volume 2 (08.02.2022)
Dienstag, 24. Mai 2022
Mizuki Sakakibara
  • bei VIZ Media
  • Taschenbuch, 144 Seiten
  • ISBN 978-1-97472-864-0
  • $14,99 USD
Die Hohe Republik
Hohe Republik (231 VSY bis 230 VSY)
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A massive, interconnected cross-publisher initiative focused on an all-new era of Star Wars storytelling.

It is the era of the High Republic and Republic expansion is at its height. As trusted guardians of peace, the renowned Jedi protect the Republic and shine their light on those exploring the darkest reaches of the galaxy.

Padawan Keerin Fionn is determined the protect the planet Banchii. The mystery surrounding their recent battle deepens after he and Jedi Knight Lily Tora-Asi learn that the Drengir attack was not an isolated event, but part of a coordinated attack orchestrated by the Nihil. Master Arkoff is on orders from the Jedi Council to help Master Stellan Gios’s investigation, leaving Lily in charge of rebuilding Banchii and restoring hope to the community. Lily vows the temple will not be put in danger again—not under her watch! But when a disruptive visitor appears unannounced, Lily must maintain her focus as she seeks the best way to protect Banchii, Keerin, and the Younglings from the growing Nihil threat—a threat that is closer than they think…


In den USA war dieser Band bereits ab 22. Februar 2022 digital vorab erhältlich.

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