Star Wars: Artifact Edition

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Star Wars: Artifact Edition (23.12.2015)
Verlag:Marvel, IDW Publishing (Verlagsseite)
  • Sammelband, Hardcover
  • 160 S.
  • 978-1-63140-458-0
  • $75,00 USD
Ära:Ära der Rebellion
Timeline:0 NSY


IDW Publishing is pleased to offer under license from our good friends at Marvel Comics the first Star Wars Artifact Edition! Featuring scans of original art mainly from the initial 10 issues of Marvel Comics‘ groundbreaking Star Wars comics, as well as from other early issues by Carmine Infantino. As with all Artist’s Edition style books, there will be a wealth of extras, including a superb cover gallery showcasing some of the very earliest examples. With the highly anticipated new film being released in December, the fever-pitch for Star Wars has never been higher!

Enthaltene Werke (9)

Star Wars #1 (12.04.1977)The Marvel Comics Illustrated Version of Star Wars / Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (Comic)
Roy Thomas (Autor, Redakteur), Howard Chaykin (Zeichner), Steve Leialoha (Zeichner, Tuschezeichner, Kolorist), Bill Wray (Tuschezeichner), Rick Hoberg (Tuschezeichner), Glynis Oliver (Kolorist), Marie Severin (Kolorist), Paty Cockrum (Kolorist), Archie Goodwin (Redakteur)
Star Wars #0 ( Gold Edition Variant Cover)The Keeper's World [nur Teile 2, 5-6]
Archie Goodwin (Autor), Roy Thomas (Autor), Howard Chaykin (Zeichner), Tony DeZuniga (Zeichner), George Roussos (Kolorist), Marie Severin (Kolorist)
Star Wars #7: New Planets, New Perils!New Planets, New Perils!
Howard Chaykin (Autor, Zeichner), Roy Thomas (Autor, Redakteur), Frank Springer (Tuschezeichner), Carl Gafford (Kolorist), Archie Goodwin (Redakteur)
Star Wars #8: Eight for Aduba-3Eight for Aduba-3
Howard Chaykin (Autor, Zeichner), Roy Thomas (Autor, Redakteur), Tom Palmer (Zeichner, Kolorist), Archie Goodwin (Redakteur)
Star Wars #9: Showdown on a Wasteland World!Showdown on a Wasteland World!
Roy Thomas (Autor, Redakteur), Howard Chaykin (Zeichner), Tom Palmer (Zeichner, Kolorist), Archie Goodwin (Redakteur)
Star Wars #10: Behemoth from the World BelowBehemoth from the World Below
Donald F. Glut (Autor), Howard Chaykin (Autor, Zeichner), Roy Thomas (Autor, Redakteur), Alan Kupperberg (Zeichner), Tom Palmer (Zeichner, Tuschezeichner), Françoise Mouly (Kolorist)
Star Wars Weekly #60The Kingdom of Ice! [nur Teile 1-4, 7]
Archie Goodwin (Autor), Dave Cockrum (Zeichner), John Tartaglione (Zeichner), Klaus Janson (Zeichner), Walter Simonson (Zeichner), Howard Bender (Kolorist), Marie Severin (Kolorist), Nelson Yomtov (Kolorist)
Star Wars #16: The Hunter!The Hunter!
Archie Goodwin (Autor, Redakteur), Bob Wiacek (Zeichner), Walter Simonson (Zeichner), Bob Sharen (Kolorist), Jim Shooter (Redakteur)
Star Wars #38: Riders in the VoidRiders in the Void
Archie Goodwin (Autor, Redakteur), Michael Golden (Autor, Zeichner, Kolorist), Terry Austin (Tuschezeichner), Danny Fingeroth (Redakteur), Jim Shooter (Redakteur)


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