Scum and Villainy – Case Files on the Galaxy’s Most Notorious

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Scum and Villainy - Case Files on the Galaxy's Most Notorious Criminals (23.10.2018)
Cover:Lucas Parolin
Verlag:becker&mayer! (Verlagsseite)
  • Hardcover, Schuber
  • 128 S.
  • 978-0-7603-6205-1
  • $40,00 USD


Crime in the galaxy is a constant—whether it’s seedy deals made on the lower levels of Coruscant or organized crime syndicates in the outer rim—but how galactic law enforcement has defined those crimes has shifted with each change of power.

Star Wars: Scum and Villainy profiles the misdeeds of infamous smugglers, pirates, gamblers, bounty hunters, and thieves throughout galactic history. Page through the case files of three generations of galactic law-enforcers and explore their case reports, surveillance images, warrants, artifacts, and much more in this lavishly illustrated and in-world narrated book.

Introducing all-new details and characters, this collection sheds new light on the galaxy’s most notorious.


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27.10.2018 • Scum and Villainy von Pablo Hidalgo • Florian
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