Star Wars: Legion – The Art of the Stormtrooper Helmet

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Star Wars: Legion (21.06.2022)
Dienstag, 21. Juni 2022
Troy Alders – Autor*in
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Discover hundreds of stormtrooper helmet designs with a deluxe art book, and customize your own unique helmet with this collector’s set!

In 2014, creatives from Lucasfilm, Disney, Industrial Light & Magic, Pixar, and Marvel Studios joined forces for an incredible artistic endeavor, the Star Wars Legion project. The task was simple—decorate, adorn, or transform a blank, vinyl stormtrooper helmet—but the result was extraordinary, with artists creating more than 200 radically unique helmets that were put on display at the Robert Vargas Gallery in 2014. Now, you can experience the Star Wars Legion project through a deluxe art book showcasing incredible helmet designs, and a customizable stormtrooper helmet.

  • BE INSPIRED BY MORE THAN 200 HELMET DESIGNS: Includes a deluxe, hardcover photography book that showcases the hundreds of stunning helmet designs created for the Legion project.
  • EXERCISE YOUR CREATIVITY: This collector’s kit includes a blank helmet, based on the stormtrooper design from the beloved television show Star Wars Rebels, which is ready for customization, display, or even signing at conventions.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT FOR STAR WARS FANS: A great value for fans of any age, this kit is the perfect way to celebrate the boundless inventiveness of the Star Wars galaxy.


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