Force and Destiny: Beta

Werk / Ausgabe • Rollenspiel

Donnerstag, 14. August 2014
Imaginary FS Pte Ltd
Ära der Rebellion


The Jedi are all but extinct. Their legacy is maintained only by a wise master and a young farm boy turned Rebel hero. Is it your destiny to help rebuild the Jedi order?

The Star Wars: Force and Destiny beta is a limited edition, 256-page softcover rulebook, and it includes all the information players and GMs need to begin epic campaigns, full of personal conflicts and Force powers, all set within the Star Wars galaxy and drawing upon one of its most resonant themes.

However, it is important to note that some of the elements in this beta are not representative of the final product. Much of the art and background material has been removed to provide a more concise playtesting experience, and some contents may change between the beta and the final product.


Von diesem Werk ist bisher nur diese eine Ausgabe bei uns erfasst, daher werden sie in unserer Datenbank zusammen als ein Eintrag angezeigt.

Eintrag erstellt von: Hendrik. Letzte Änderung von: Florian.