Clone Wars Adventures Volume 8

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Clone Wars Adventures Volume 8 (20.06.2007)
Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2007
Clone Wars Adventures
Ära des Aufstiegs des Imperiums, Klonkriege (22 VSY)
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A malfunctioning Battle Droid tries to escape its doomed fate on the battlefield; bounty hunter Aurra Sing comes face-to-face with her deadly past; and Obi-Wan Kenobi becomes entangled in a nefarious espionage plot in this pulse-pounding volume of all-ages adventures! Featuring four fantastic tales of Republic versus Separatist action, this bantha-kicking book of blockbuster battles captures some amazing moments in the most exciting era of Star Wars! These totally rocking stories, told in the same stripped-down stylization as Cartoon Network’s micro-series, are why everyone loves Star Wars!

  • The Clone Wars Adventures series is a top seller, and very kid-friendly, perfect for younger readers.
  • Did you know that the first volume of Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures is available in a Spanish Language edition?

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