A Valentine Story

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A Valentine Story (12.02.2003)
Cover:Paul Chadwick
Verlag:Dark Horse (Verlagsseite)
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  • 32 S.
  • $2,99 USD
Ära:Ära der Rebellion
Timeline:3 NSY


She’s a Princess with a fiery spirit and a hot temper to match. He’s a scoundrel with a mercenary’s sensibility and the heart of a hero. Together they help topple an Empire and restore order to the galaxy…And if they stop fighting long enough, they just might realize that they’re in love! Set during the days leading up to The Empire Strikes Back, Han Solo and Princess Leia find themselves trapped together on a downed starship, lost in the frozen wastelands of Hoth as a storm rages around them. And while the snow flies outside the ship, the sparks fly inside. No matter how hard they fight it, there’s more going on between them than just friendship!

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A Valentine Story (12.02.2003)
A Valentine Story
Deutscher Titel: Eine Valentinsgeschichte
Judd Winick (Autor), Paul Chadwick (Zeichner), Ken Steacy (Kolorist), Jason Hvam (Letterer), Diana Schutz (Redakteur), Jeremy Barlow (Redakteur)
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