Maul: Lockdown Mini-Auszug #5 veröffentlicht

Die Facebook-Seite von Del Rey, Star Wars Books, hat den fünften Mini-Auszug aus Joe Schreibers Star Wars-Horrorroman Maul: Lockdown veröffentlicht, der am 28. Januar 2014 erscheint. Das Buch kann hier vorbestellt werde. Die deutsche Ausgabe kommt am 18. August 2014 bei Blanvalet unter dem Titel Darth Maul: In Eisen und kann hier vorbestellt werden.

Maul: Lockdown
Maul: Lockdown
“What’s his name?” she asked. “The new inmate?”

“Prisoner 11240?” ThreeDee answered back. “I’ve already taken the liberty of uploading all relevant data onto your tablet.”

Sadiki punched the numbers into the console in front of her, watching her new champion’s file scroll across the screen. It read:

Inmate 11240
Date of Entry: 01102211224
Name: Jagannath
Species: Zabrak
Gender: Male
Height: 1.75 meters
Mass: 80 kg
Eyes: Yellow
Skin: Red
Prior Occupation: Mercenary
Charged With: Murder

“That’s it?” Sadiki stabbed the cursor down, but the screen was blank. “Where’s the rest of it?”

“There is no more.”

“Where did he come from? Can somebody at least tell me that?”

“He was apprehended on a routine sweep of the mining colonies on Subterrel, where local authorities identified him from an outstanding murder charge. Initial lab cultures and blood work are still pending.”

The droid clicked and whirred toward her, photoreceptors brightening. “So far he has eluded any more detailed classification. Would you like me to order a full psychiatric workup?”

Sadiki considered before shaking her head. “No. Not yet. For now let’s see how long he lasts. He wouldn’t be the first big noise to come through here and pull a quick fade.”

Bisherige Leseproben und News zu diesem Buch findet ihr bei uns unter dem Schlagwort „Lockdown„.

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