Star Wars 100 Objects – Illuminating items from a galaxy far, far away

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Star Wars 100 Objects (07.02.2023)
Dienstag, 4. April 2023
Kristin Baver – Autor*in
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100 objects that capture the excitement, mystery, and mythology of Star Wars.

See how these artefacts, and many more, impacted key characters and events. From revered heirlooms such as Darth Vader’s mask and the Skywalker lightsaber to a Tusken gaderffi stick and a clone trooper’s helmet, each carefully chosen object has its own compelling story to tell.

Presented chronologically, full-color images illustrate every entry, while the accompanying essay explores the background and resonance of each piece. Star Wars: 100 Objects provides an exclusive glimpse at props from the Lucasfilm Archives and is a unique, wonderful way to experience the richness of the timeless Star Wars saga.

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