Young Jedi Adventures: Snowy Mountain Rescue – A Little Golden Book

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Young Jedi Adventures: Snowy Mountain Rescue - A Little Golden Book (03.09.2024)
Dienstag, 3. September 2024
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This Little Golden Book is based on an exciting episode of Star Wars: Young Jedi Adventures airing on Disney Jr. and Disney+!

Young Jedi-in-training Kai Brightstar, Lys Solay, and Nubs are helping ranchers move their herd of wellagrins across a snow-capped mountainside. But when an avalanche scatters the herd, will Lys’s creature knowledge help corral the wellagrins and safely guide them back to the other side of the mountain?

The first full-length animated Star Wars series created for preschoolers and their families, Young Jedi Adventures follows younglings as they are swept off into adventures and start their journeys on the path to becoming Jedi Knights, learning valuable skills for our galaxy and the galaxy far, far away. The Jedi-in-training will tackle topics of compassion, self-discipline, teamwork, patience, and friendship.


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