The Secrets of Shadows of the Empire

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The Secrets of Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire (30.04.1996)
Dienstag, 30. April 1996
Mark Cotta Vaz – Autor*in
  • bei Del Rey
  • Taschenbuch, 299 Seiten
  • ISBN 978-0-345-40236-3
  • $15,00 USD
Schatten des Imperiums
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Between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, the galaxy was plunged into the shadows . . . STAR WARS: SHADOWS OF THE EMPIRE

The minds behind the Star Wars galaxy have created a phenomenon of epic proportions, designed to unfold in nearly every medium at their disposal. This intensely researched volume guides you through this Star Wars event–as its creators reveal the secrets behind the multimedia release of the year. The tendrils of this dark drama will reach throughout the Star Wars galaxy:

  • The evil crimelord Xizor challenges the power of Darth Vader in an exciting new novel of Imperial intrigue.
  • Princess Leia, Lando, and Dash Rendar launch an all-out attempt to rescue Han Solo in a state-of-the-art Nintendo video game.
  • Xizor’s agents search the galaxy for Luke Skywalker in the taut comic book mini-series. Their mission: kill the son of Vader.
  • The secrets of the Imperial homeworld are revealed in brilliantly painted trading cards.
  • A fully orchestrated soundtrack and exciting new Star Wars action figures embellish the adventure.

STAR WARS: THE SECRETS OF SHADOWS OF THE EMPIRE provides the official guide to the heroes, the villains, and all the major combatants. When this war is over, only one will control the Empire’s violent underworld. . . .


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