The High Republic Adventures: Saber for Hire

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The High Republic Adventures: Saber for Hire (26.11.2024)
Dienstag, 26. November 2024
Rachael Stott
Hohe Republik
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Fan-favorite Jedi turned monster hunter Ty Yorrick returns in her most dangerous—and personal—mission yet.

Ty is having the time of her life behind the Nihil Stormwall, battling dangers that the Jedi would’ve usually handled and earning credits galore. That is until she crosses paths with a Child of the Storm and its Nameless abomination. Suddenly, Ty must fight tooth and nail against the villainous Nihil to save Force-sensitive children from a dastardly plot. All the while, Ty’s apprentice is determined to forge his own path, dragging his reluctant master along with him.

New York Times bestselling author Cavan Scott (Star Wars: Tales from the Death Star) and acclaimed Star Wars artist Rachael Stott (Star Wars: The High Republic—The Monster of Temple Peak) return for an adventure packed with thrilling lightsaber fights and daring rescues.

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The High Republic Adventures: Saber for Hire #1 (17.04.2024)
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