The Essential Legends Collection: Dynasty of Evil (Darth Bane 3)

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The Essential Legends Collection: Dynasty of Evil (Darth Bane 3) (05.04.2022)
Dienstag, 5. April 2022
Drew Karpyshyn – Autor*in
Simon Goinard
Ära des Aufstiegs des Imperiums (980 VSY)
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Now for the first time in trade paperback: A Star Wars Legends classic, the stunning conclusion to the Darth Bane series.

Twenty years have passed since the Sith and their endless rivalries were eradicated and replaced with the Rule of Two. Darth Bane now reigns alongside his young acolyte, Zannah, who must study and train in the dark side of the Force until the time comes to strike down her master and claim the mantle for herself.

But Bane’s brutal new regime has one potential fatal flaw—how will their legacy continue if an apprentice fails to raise their blade in combat? The only solution must be for the Dark Lord of the Sith to rediscover a long-forgotten secret of the order—the key to immortality.

Bane’s doubt spurs his young apprentice into action, and Zannah vows to destroy her master at any cost. After he mysteriously vanishes, she tracks him across the galaxy to a desolate desert outpost, where the fate of the dark side will be forged by a final fight to the death.

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