Heroes & Rogues

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Heroes & Rogues (Dezember 1995)
Verlag:West End Games
  • Taschenbuch
  • 128 S.
  • 978-087431-258-4
  • $18,00 USD
Reihe:Star Wars Roleplaying Game: Second Edition
Ären:Ära der Rebellion, Ära der Neuen Republik


The essential supplement for players and gamemasters looking to expand the horizons of detail and excitement in their Star Wars campaign!
Develop your character’s past… education, homeworld, family, past loves, past occupations are all at your fingertips! Was your character an honor student at the Academy, or a street tough fighting to survive on the mean streets of Nar Shaddaa? Are there people your character knew as a youth that can assist you now? Ore are they rivals moving to thwart you at every turn?
This supplementfeatures over 60 character templates, 43 gamemaster characters, a „free-form“ method of generating interesting and exciting backgrounds for characters, a guide to prominent homeworlds of the galaxy and – for the fist time – guidelines for playing Imperials!

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Heroes & Rogues (Dezember 1995)Heroes & Rogues
Chuck Truett (Autor), Eric S. Trautmann (Autor), Floyd Wesel (Autor), John Beyer (Autor), Matt Hong (Autor), Pablo Hidalgo (Autor, Zeichner), Paul Sudlow (Autor), Philip Reed (Autor), Rick Stuart (Autor), Sterling Hershey (Autor), Wayne Humfleet (Autor), Wayne Peacock (Autor), Chris Trevas (Zeichner), Matt Busch (Zeichner), Mike Jackson (Zeichner), Mike Vilardi (Zeichner), Robert Duchlinski (Zeichner), Steve Bryant (Zeichner), Tim Eldred (Zeichner)
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