Darth Vader Poster Book

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Darth Vader Poster Book (28.04.2020)
Dienstag, 9. Juni 2020
Kaare Andrews
  • bei Marvel
  • Softcover, 44 Seiten
  • ISBN 978-1-302-92468-3
  • $24,99 USD
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Feel the power of the Dark Side! The deadliest villain in the galaxy, Darth Vader, is celebrated in this sinister poster book – giving you an instant collection of the Dark Lord of the Sith’s finest Marvel Comics artwork! Darth Vader’s grandeur and glory is captured by some of the industry’s finest talents, including those that graced Vader’s two ongoing series – Salvador Larroca and Giuseppe Camuncoli! And don’t forget the many other artists who have depicted the Emperor’s ruthless right hand on dozens of awe-inspiring covers, pages and pinups – from Adi Granov to Alex Ross and more! As you gaze in wonder on Marvel’s visions of Vader, you are sure to hear the Imperial March in your head. It’s a gallery of masterpieces worthy of framing in every room of your house – until you find your lack of wall space disturbing!


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