Be More Leia: Find Your Rebel Voice and Fight The System

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Be More Leia (01.10.2019)
Dienstag, 1. Oktober 2019
Christian Blauvelt – Autor*in
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How to be yourself and fight the system

This novelty Star Wars book is full of wise words and sage advice from the galaxy’s leading rebel, Princess Leia, and many other brave, confident, and radical characters. Full of Star Wars quotes, witty advice, and stills from the iconic movies, this book helps with everything from starting a revolution to succeeding at life in a galaxy of mindless stormtroopers.

General. Senator. Princess. Rebel. Feminist icon. Leia Organa is a legendary Star Wars symbol of what it means to stand up for yourself and fight for what you believe in—regardless of the personal cost. As the figurehead of the Rebellion and Resistance, and a prime example of an individual succeeding in a tyrannical workplace, Leia’s name is synonymous with courage, grit, and conviction. Whether she is refusing to comply with Darth Vader’s demands, evading the wrathful clutches of the Empire, or rescuing her friends from the Death Star, Leia is not afraid to challenge those in positions of authority and power. Filled with inspiring advice from Leia and other heroes—Rey, Padmé, Yoda, Obi-Wan, Jyn, and many more—this book provides thoughtful and funny reflections on independence, staying true to yourself, and challenging the status quo.

The perfect gift for a Star Wars fan, Star Wars: Be More Leia is a humorous guide to rebellion, leadership, and activism, featuring iconic moments from the Star Wars movies alongside key advice for life.

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