The Dark Side Pocket Expert

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The Dark Side Pocket Expert (11.04.2022)
Dienstag, 11. April 2023
Catherine Saunders – Autor*in
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A bite-size guide to the Sith and other dark-side villains of the Star Wars galaxy. Packed with lists of facts and figures and stunning images.

Become an instant dark side expert with this handy pocket-sized guide!

If light is to shine, there must also be darkness.

In the Star Wars galaxy, the Jedi use the light side of the Force to protect peace and justice. But there are also those who crave power above all. For Sith lords, Imperial Inquisitors, fallen Jedi, and other evil creatures, the dark side of the Force is a mighty, but treacherous, ally. These evildoers seek the dark side in those places where it flows strongest – forgotten temples, sinister caves, ancient tombs, and the sites of tragic events.

Packed with facts, stats, and interesting info about the most legendary dark side users and dark side locations in the galaxy, with this book in your pocket you’ll be a dark side expert in no time!


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