X-Wing Collector’s CD-ROM: The Official Strategy Guide

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X-Wing Collector's CD-ROM: The Official Strategy Guide (1995)
Sonntag, 1. Januar 1995
  • bei Prima Games
  • Set, Taschenbuch, 580 Seiten
  • ISBN 978-1-55958-785-3
  • $19,95 USD
X-Wing (Spiel)
Ära der Rebellion (1 VSY)
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Keyan Farlander, one of the greatest Rebel heroes, is back. Once again, he has emerged victorious from a series of daring conflicts with the evil Empire, and in your hands is the book that chronicles his strategic and tactical genius. Rest assured, there’s no better guidance in the universe for winning every perilous X-wing scenario. Inside, you’ll discover:

  • Critical information for pushing each type of spacecraft to its limits
  • Winning paths through a galaxy of X-wing battles, including:
    • Every original X-wing mission
    • Imperial Pursuit
    • B-wing
    • All new missions created specifically for the CD-ROM version
    • Add-on missions
  • Revealing interviews with Larry Holland, Ed Kilham, and the X-wing Design Team
  • More of the Farlander Papers – Rusel DeMaria’s limited edition, collector’s novella that was included in many of the original X-wing game boxes
  • Detailed statistics for every mission

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