Where’s the Wookiee 3

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Mitwirkende:Ulisses Farinas - Zeichner
Verlag:Studio Fun
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  • 40 S.
  • 978-0-7944-4412-9
  • $9,99 USD
Reihe:Wo ist der Wookiee?


Re-join the hunt for the galaxy’s most-wanted Wookiee in this third book in the popular Where’s the Wookiee search and find series.

Chewbacca is the Millennium Falcon’s furry copilot—but what else do you know about this beloved wookiee? Follow the map of Chewie’s journey in ten detailed illustrated search and find scenes all over the galaxy, from Kashyyyk to Ahch-To.

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Where's the Wookiee 3 (05.09.2019)Where's the Wookiee 3
Ulisses Farinas (Zeichner)
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