Star Wars Adventures 7: The Ghostling Children

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Star Wars Adventures 7: The Ghostling Children (April 2003)
Mitwirkende:Dave Wolverton - Autor
  • Taschenbuch
  • 119 S.
  • 978-0-439-45886-3
Reihe:Star Wars Adventures (Scholastic)
Ära:Ära des Aufstiegs des Imperiums
Timeline:32 VSY


Now flashback to the time before Episode I.

The Ghostling children live on a beautiful, isolated world, safe from harm…until they are captured by an evil trader. Soon they find themselves on the harsh planet of Tatooine, about to be sold to the terrifying Gardulla the Hutt.

Their only hope of survival is a young slave named Anakin and his friends.

Can the Ghostlings be freed?

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