Han Solo & Chewbacca Volume 1: The Crystal Run, Part One

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Han Solo & Chewbacca Volume 1: The Crystal Run, Part One (22.11.2022)
Dienstag, 22. November 2022
Phil Noto
  • bei Marvel
  • Sammelband, Softcover, 160 Seiten
  • ISBN 978-1-302-93305-0
  • $17,99 USD
Han Solo & Chewbacca
Hohe Republik, Dunkle Zeiten, Galaktischer Bürgerkrieg, Neue Republik (231 VSY bis 0 NSY)
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The galaxy’s best buddies star in a hair-raising adventure from the days before they joined the Rebellion! Loveable rogue Han Solo and his Wookiee partner-in-smuggling, Chewbacca, set off on a heist for none other than Jabba the Hutt — and this time, the Rodian bounty hunter named Greedo is working alongside them! It’s supposed to be a nice, straightforward job. What could possibly go wrong? Well, for starters, how about a reunion with the very last person Han expected to see? When the target safe is cracked, you won’t believe what’s inside! Plus, celebrate the galaxy’s favorite holiday with a collection of festive tales from all across the saga of Star Wars. Happy Life Day!

COLLECTING: Star Wars: Han Solo & Chewbacca (2022) 1-5, Star Wars: Life Day (2021) 1

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