Star Wars Omnibus: Shadows of the Empire

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Star Wars Omnibus: Shadows of the Empire
Cover:Hugh Fleming
Verlag:Dark Horse (Verlagsseite)
  • Sammelband, Softcover (Digest)
  • 408 S.
  • 978-1-59582-434-9
  • $24,99 USD
Ära:Ära der Rebellion
Timeline:3 NSY bis 4 NSY


Beginning with Shadows of the Empire, Luke, Leia, and Chewbacca are determined to foil Boba Fett’s plan to deliver carbonite-encased Han Solo to Jabba the Hutt. But these heroes are up against more than they realize. Darth Vader searches for Luke, hoping to turn him to the dark side, and a new threat, Xizor, the ruthless leader of the criminal organization Black Sun, seeks to gain the trust of the Emperor by killing Skywalker and overthrowing Vader! Then, in Shadows of the Empire: Evolution, a beautiful human-droid — previously an assassin for Xizor — searches to find her human side as Luke Skywalker tracks her across the galaxy, determined to bring her to justice! And finally, in Mara Jade: By the Emperor’s Hand, the Emperor’s personal assassin carries out her last mission, determined to succeed despite the death of her Master — even if it costs her life!

  • Features all your favorite characters from the original Star Wars trilogy: Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, and Han Solo!
  • Includes stories written by acclaimed novelists Timothy Zahn and Steve Perry!
  • The latest in the value-packed line of Star Wars Omnibus editions from Dark Horse!


Dieser Omnibus enthält auch Mara Jade: By the Emperor’s Hand #0, ein Prequel zum eigentlichen Comic, das ursprünglich auf veröffentlicht wurde.

Enthaltene Werke (3)

Star Wars Comic-Kollektion, Band 40: Schatten des Imperiums (27.03.2018)Shadows of the Empire
John Wagner (Autor), Kilian Plunkett (Zeichner), P. Craig Russell (Tuschezeichner), Cary Porter (Kolorist), Peet Janes (Redakteur), Ryder Windham (Redakteur)
Sonderband #7: Schatten des Imperiums: EvolutionShadows of the Empire: Evolution
Steve Perry (Autor), Ron Randall (Zeichner, Tuschezeichner), Tom Simmons (Tuschezeichner), Dave Nestelle (Kolorist), Bob Cooper (Redakteur), Peet Janes (Redakteur)
Essentials #9Mara Jade: By the Emperor's Hand
Michael A. Stackpole (Autor), Timothy Zahn (Autor), Carlos Ezquerra (Zeichner), Chris Chuckry (Kolorist), James Sinclair (Kolorist), Michael D. Hansen (Redakteur), Peet Janes (Redakteur)
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