Star Wars Omnibus: At War with the Empire Volume 2

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Star Wars Omnibus: At War with the Empire Volume 2 (08.01.2015)
Verlag:Marvel (Verlagsseite)
  • Sammelband, E-Book
  • 464 S.
  • 978-1-3024-5267-4
  • $19,99 USD
Ära:Ära der Rebellion
Timeline:0 NSY bis 3 NSY


Collects Star Wars: Empire (2002) #26-27, 29-30, 32-35, Star Wars: Rebellion (2006) #6-16, Star Wars: A Valentine Story. Following Star Wars: A New Hope, the struggling Rebellion has won their first major victory, giving them inspiration to continue the fight-but the war against the Empire is not even near its conclusion. In this omnibus collection, you’ll find stories of your favorite classic-era characters, along with several new faces of the Rebellion: Luke is recognized as a Jedi General, and also the son of Anakin Skywalker, hero of the Clone Wars; a powerful crime lord leads the Empire, the Rebels, and his own spies in a circle of betrayal; the Rebellion faces a big challenge to bring about a small victory; Luke and Leia encounter an evil from the past when Darth Vader sets a trap for them on a deserted moon-all these stories and more!

Enthaltene Werke (7)

A Valentine Story (12.02.2003)A Valentine Story
Judd Winick (Autor), Paul Chadwick (Zeichner), Ken Steacy (Kolorist), Diana Schutz (Redakteur), Jeremy Barlow (Redakteur)
Empire #26: "General" Skywalker, Part 1Empire: "General" Skywalker
Ron Marz (Autor), Adriana Melo (Zeichner), Nicola Scott (Zeichner), Michael Atiyeh (Kolorist), Jeremy Barlow (Redakteur), Randy Stradley (Redakteur)
Sonderband #28: Imperium: Im Schatten des Vaters (19.10.2005)Empire: In the Shadows of Their Fathers
Jeremy Barlow (Autor, Redakteur), Adriana Melo (Zeichner), Michel Lacombe (Zeichner), Michael Atiyeh (Kolorist), Dave Marshall (Redakteur), Randy Stradley (Redakteur)
Star Wars #54 (18.01.2006)Empire: A Model Officer
John Jackson Miller (Autor), Brian Ching (Zeichner), Michael Atiyeh (Kolorist), Dave Marshall (Redakteur), Jeremy Barlow (Redakteur), Randy Stradley (Redakteur)
Masters Series #12: Rebellion II: Das Bauernopfer (12.10.2015)Rebellion II: The Ahakista Gambit
Brandon Badeaux (Autor), Rob Williams (Autor), Michel Lacombe (Zeichner), Wil Glass (Kolorist), Jeremy Barlow (Redakteur)
Masters Series #13: Rebellion III: Nadelstiche (22.02.2016)Rebellion III: Small Victories
Jeremy Barlow (Autor), Colin Wilson (Zeichner), Wil Glass (Kolorist), Randy Stradley (Redakteur)
Rebellion #16: Vector, Part 8Rebellion IV: Vector
Rob Williams (Autor), Dustin Weaver (Zeichner), Wil Glass (Kolorist), Randy Stradley (Redakteur)
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