Star Wars Omnibus: At War with the Empire Volume 1

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Star Wars Omnibus: At War with the Empire Volume 1 (09.03.2011)
Cover:Brian Horton
Verlag:Dark Horse (Verlagsseite)
  • Sammelband, Softcover (Digest)
  • 104 S.
  • 978-1-59582-699-2
  • $24,99 USD
Ären:Ära des Aufstiegs des Imperiums, Ära der Rebellion
Timeline:1 VSY bis 0 NSY


Collected here are stories of the early days of the Rebel Alliance and the beginnings of its war with the Empire–tales of the Star Wars galaxy set before, during, and after the events in Star Wars: A New Hope!

In this volume: Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine are targeted for assassination by rogue Imperial officers; Princess Leia gets her first taste of war and the sacrifices the coming rebellion will require; Vader, after surviving the destruction of the Death Star, must fight to become the leader of a pack of savage beasts; and many other stories!

  • Collects Star Wars: Empire #1-#6, part of #9, #10-#11, #13-#14, #19-#22, #24-#25, and #31.
  • Includes the 88-page story Betrayal!
  • Five stories from the Imperial point of view, and five stories from that of the Rebels!

Enthaltene Werke (11)

Empire #1: Betrayal, Part 1 (04.09.2002)Betrayal
Scott Allie (Autor), Curtis P. Arnold (Zeichner), Ryan Benjamin (Zeichner)
Empire #5: Princess... Warrior, Part 1 (05.02.2003)Princess... Warrior
Randy Stradley (Autor), Christian Dalla Vecchia (Zeichner), Davidé Fabbri (Zeichner)
Empire #8: Darklighter, Part 1 (21.05.2003)Darklighter [nur Teil 2]
Paul Chadwick (Autor), Douglas Wheatley (Zeichner)
Empire #10: he Short, Happy Life of Roons Sewell, Part 1The Short, Happy Life of Roons Sewell
Paul Chadwick (Autor), Tomás Giorello (Zeichner)
Empire #13: What Sin Loyalty?Empire #13: What Sin Loyalty?
Jeremy Barlow (Autor), Patrick Blaine (Zeichner)
Empire #14: The Savage Heart (10.12.2003)Empire: The Savage Heart
Dave Land (Autor), Raúl Treviño (Zeichner), Jeremy Barlow (Redakteur), Randy Stradley (Redakteur)
Empire #19: Target: Vader (12.05.2004)Empire: Target: Vader
Ron Marz (Autor), Brian Ching (Zeichner), Brad Anderson (Kolorist), Jeremy Barlow (Redakteur), Randy Stradley (Redakteur)
Empire #20: A Little Piece of Home, Part 1 (26.05.2004)Empire: A Little Piece of Home
Ron Marz (Autor), Tomás Giorello (Zeichner), Brad Anderson (Kolorist), Michael Atiyeh (Kolorist), Jeremy Barlow (Redakteur), Randy Stradley (Redakteur)
Empire #22:Alone Together (14.07.2004)Empire: Alone Together
Randy Stradley (Autor, Redakteur), Adriana Melo (Zeichner), Michael Atiyeh (Kolorist), Jeremy Barlow (Redakteur)
Empire #24: Idiot’s Array, Part 1 (08.09.2004)Empire: Idiot's Array
Ron Marz (Autor), Jeff Johnson (Zeichner), Joe Corroney (Zeichner), Michael Atiyeh (Kolorist), Jeremy Barlow (Redakteur), Randy Stradley (Redakteur)
Star Wars #53Empire: The Price of Power
Scott Allie (Autor), Joe Corroney (Zeichner), Michael Atiyeh (Kolorist), Dave Marshall (Redakteur), Jeremy Barlow (Redakteur), Randy Stradley (Redakteur)
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