Star Wars: Ultimate Library

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Star Wars: Ultimate Library (10.10.2015)
Samstag, 10. Oktober 2015
DK Readers
Ära des Aufstiegs des Imperiums, Niedergang der Republik, Klonkriege, Ära der Rebellion, Galaktischer Bürgerkrieg (44 VSY bis 4 NSY)
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An entire series of reading lessons, for early readers, based on the most exciting film series of the century. Presented in a slipcase, making an ideal gift! Great for getting reluctant readers reading!

This collection contains 20 of the most popular titles, to assist progress through Levels 1, 2 and 3. It is a full, collectible boxed set, packaged by DK Publishers, in collaboration with Disney and Lucasfilm.

These Star Wars readers feature longer sentences, increased vocabulary, information boxes, and a simple index. The stories are exciting and captivating in order to develop the child’s own desire to read. Stunning pictures combine with lively illustrations and engaging, age-appropriate stories in these DK Readers, a multi-level reading program guaranteed to capture children’s interest while developing their reading skills and general comprehension.

L1: Are Ewoks Scared of Stormtroopers? ISBN: 9781465414168
L1: Luke Skywalker’s Amazing Story ISBN: 9780756645199
L1: Ready, Set, Podrace! ISBN: 9780756632755
L1: Tatooine Adventures ISBN: 9780756671297
L1: What Is A Wookiee? ISBN: 9781465433855
L1: Who Saved the Galaxy? ISBN: 9780756698096
L2: The Adventures of Han Solo ISBN: 9780756682514
L2: A Queen’s Diary ISBN: 9780756632694
L2: Bounty Hunters for Hire ISBN: 9781465410184
L2: Clone Troopers in Action ISBN: 9780756666910
L2: Join the Rebels ISBN: 9780756663124
L2: R2-D2 and Friends ISBN: 9780756645175
L2: Journey Through Space ISBN: 9781465433893
L2: The Adventures of C-3PO ISBN: 9781465416834
L3: Feel the Force! ISBN: 9780756671273
L3: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Knight ISBN: 9780756698119
L3: Star Pilot ISBN: 9781465433879
L3: Death Star Battles ISBN: 9780756663155
L3: The Legendary Yoda ISBN: 9781465401854
L3: The Story of Darth Vader ISBN: 9781465433916


Dieser Schuber wurde von DK zum Star Wars Reads Day 2015 veröffentlicht, der am 10. Oktober des Jahres stattfand.

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