Star Wars Origami: Characters

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Star Wars Origami (21.09.2016)
Mittwoch, 21. September 2016
Chris Alexander – Autor*in
Star Wars Origami


Yoda. C-3PO. Darth Vader. May the Folds be With You.

The power of the Force meets the joy of origami! From the brilliant mind of Chris Alexander—the master of STAR WARS origami—comes everything you need to create a galaxy of your favorite characters out of paper. The 96-page, full-color book starts with an introduction to origami definitions, symbols, and basic folds, followed by step-by-step instructions for creating 11 amazing models. Included are 70 sheets of unique folding paper—enough to fold each project five times. Illustrated with meticulously detailed original art, the custom papers make each creation—from Han Solo encased in carbonite to Darth Vader’s iconic black mask, and more—come alive.


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