Star Wars Insider #25

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Star Wars Insider #25 (April 1995)
Samstag, 1. April 1995
Howard Roffman
Star Wars Insider


First Look At Disney’s New Indiana Jones Adventure!
New Dorman Art – Magistrates Of The Empire
The Droid vs. The Dark Lord
Anthony Daniels And James Earl Jones Go One-On-One With The Insider
A Report From Toy Fair
Prequel Update With Rick McCallum
Star Wars News From Around The Globe!


Dieses Magazin enthielt folgende Artikel:

  • Inside Insider
  • The Best of Lucasfilm Contest!
  • Star Wars Conquers Toy Fair von Jon Bradley Snyder
  • The Magistrates of the Empire von Dave Dorman
  • Anthony Daniels – C-3PO von Kevin Stevens
  • Speaking for Darth: The Magic of James Earl Jones von Pete Hull
  • Get Ready for the Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye at Disneyland von Jon Bradley Snyder
  • Rebel Rumblings
  • Prequel Update with Rick McCallum von Dan Madsen
  • Star News von Jon Bradley Snyder
  • Dark Horse Comics: Straight from the Horse’s Mouth von Bob Cooper
  • Lucasfilm’s Latest
  • Star Wars Around the World
  • LucasArts: The Real Characters at LucasArts von Sue Seserman
  • Scoring the Trilogy: May the Forte Be with You von Lukas Kendall
  • Scouting the Galaxy: Fanning the Flames of Fandom – Or: Have You Bagged Your Star Wars Insider Yet? von Stephen J. Sansweet
  • Scouting Queries von Stephen J. Sansweet
  • Club Classifieds: For Sale / Wanted
  • Jawa Trader Merchandise Catalog
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