Star Wars Insider #160

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Star Wars Insider #160 Newsstand Cover (08.09.2015)
Dienstag, 22. September 2015
Star Wars Insider
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Star Wars Rebels is back on our screens for what promises to be an epic second season. This issue, the cast and crew discuss the return of the show and hint at what’s coming up! Star Wars set decorator Roger Christian takes us on a tour of the Millennium Falcon and explains why airplanes played a huge part in building the Star Wars galaxy.

We bring you the latest on The Force Awakens, including some of the coolest collectibles heading your way in advance of the movie opening. There’s also a special preview of the hotly anticipated videogame, Star Wars Battlefront, and exclusive tie-in fiction that you won’t want to miss! Plus, amazing two collectible Topps trading cards for every reader!

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Star Wars Insider #160 (Comic Store Cover)
Comic Store Cover
Star Wars Insider #160 (Comic Store Cover)

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Abzeichen der Blade Squadron
Star Wars Insider #160 Newsstand Cover (08.09.2015)
Vorschaubild auf Blade Squadron
Star Wars Insider #158 (Newsstand Edition)
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