Star Wars Cross Stitch Creations: 12 Out-of-this-world Patterns

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Star Wars Cross Stitch Creations: 12 Out-of-this-world Patterns (Oktober 2017)
Dienstag, 12. September 2017
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Proudly proclaim your love for the galaxy far, far away with twelve out-of-this world, cross-stitch projects. Explore a universe of patterns inspired by the Star Wars saga, from A New Hope to The Force Awakens.

Including twelve patterns, an easy-to-follow instruction booklet, a needle, and a hoop, this comprehensive kit also comes with the cloth and embroidery floss for two projects – the iconic Star Wars logo, and a detailed portrait of Yoda. Organized by skill level from Padawan to Jedi Master, there’s an array of projects to satisfy novice and experienced stitchers alike. Design inspirations include everything from classic quotes to beloved character portraits to the logos of the Empire and the Rebellion.

Alongside patterns and tips, the helpful instruction booklet features ideas for applying your stitching to pillows, clothing, tote bags, and more. Whether you’re embellishing your home decor or stitching exceptional gifts for family and friends, crafting with Star Wars has never been easier. Just don’t try it with your blast shields down!


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