Star Wars Art Studio

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Star Wars Art Studio (06.03.2018)
Verlag:Thunder Bay Press
  • Set
  • 96 S.
  • 978-1-68412-213-4
  • $24,99 USD


Let the Force and this kit guide you to great artwork!

Learn to draw and paint your favorite Star Wars characters! Easy-to-follow instructions and details will help you create your favorite characters just like the professionals. Included in the kit are 3 watercolor paints, 2 paintbrushes, a palette, a drawing pencil, 7 colored pencils, a fine-line marker, a kneaded eraser, a sharpener, and a 128-page project book to bring these characters to life! Greeting cards, party decorations, and lunchbox surprises are more fun when you make them yourself, and this Star Wars Art Studio kit will help you get started!


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