Star Wars Art: Concept (Limited Edition)

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Star Wars Art: Concept (Limited Edition)
Verlag:Abrams Books
  • Hardcover, Limitierte Ausgabe, Schuber
  • 244 S.
  • 9781-4197-0865-7
  • $400,00 USD
Reihe:Star Wars Art


This deluxe 240-page edition includes 5 hand-signed, archival-quality giclée prints by Doug Chiang, Ryan Church, Joe Johnston, Iain McCaig, and Erik Tiemens, as well as 50 extra pages of exclusive artwork. Featuring foil-stamped, real-cloth binding and housed in a lush clamshell case, this edition is limited to 350 copies.

From Ralph McQuarrie and Joe Johnston to Doug Chiang, Ryan Church, Iain McCaig, Erik Tiemens, and the next generation of animation and video-game artists, Star Wars Art: Concept collects, for the first time ever, the very best Star Wars conceptual artwork. As curated by George Lucas, the artwork that helped bring the Star Wars Saga to life is revealed in all its glory, featuring pre-production drawings and paintings from the Original Trilogy, the Prequel Trilogy, the TV shows, and the video games, including an exclusive preview of artwork from the highly anticipated 1313. Spanning the years from 1975 to the present, Star Wars Art: Concept is a fascinating look at the process of conceptual design. From pen and paint and paper to the digital realm, the result is the creation of breathtaking iconic worlds, vehicles, and characters that successive generations have embraced and made their own.

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Star Wars Art: Concept
Jonathan W. Rinzler (Autor), Erik Tiemens (Vorwort), Joe Johnston (Vorwort), Ryan Church (Vorwort), Doug Chiang (Einleitung)
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