Star Wars Adventure Journal #9

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Star Wars Adventure Journal #9 (01.02.1996)
Donnerstag, 1. Februar 1996
  • bei West End Games
  • Taschenbuch (Großformat), 288 Seiten
  • ISBN 978-0-87431-408-3
  • $12,00 USD
Adventure Journal
Ära der Rebellion, Ära der Neuen Republik (2 NSY bis 4 NSY)
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Your Source for New Star Wars Material!

Take a fascinating voyage through the Star Wars galaxy with the Official Star Wars Adventure Journal. Each issue features exciting adventures, new source material and tales from the Star Wars universe! The Star Wars Adventure Journal gives Star Wars fans original locations, characters and plots in their favorite fictional universe that they cannot find anywhere else.

Shannon Voorson was just a child living in the immense workers‘ quarters serving Kuat Freight Port. She enjoyed reading story platforms on her computer, and dabbling in slicing into the installation’s data network. But when her cousin, Deen, came to visit the family, Shannon wanted to help him and his „friends“, members of the Rebel Alliance. Despite opposition from her parents, Shannon uses her computer skills and her child-like charm to help her cousin and the Rebels. But can a little girl really pull it off? Follow Shannon’s adventures as she begins Slaying Dragons.

Other features in this issue include:

  • Combat Moon, a trial to the death between the best warriors of two worlds embroiled in conflict.
  • Seven tramp-freighters waiting to be purchased on the lot of Fizzi’s Slightly-Used Starships.
  • Lumrunning, a smugglers‘ guide to slipping illegal cargoes past Imperial Customs inspectors.
  • A new column, ISB Intercepts featuring readers‘ roleplaying game questions and answers from game editor Bill Smith.

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