Dark Forces: Rebel Agent

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Dark Forces: Rebel Agent
Samstag, 11. April 1998
John Whitman – Autor*in
Ezra Tucker
Dark Forces
Ära der Rebellion, Ära der Neuen Republik (1 VSY bis 5 NSY)
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In Soldier for the Empire, Kyle Katarn, having graduated from the Imperial Military Academy, learns of his father’s murder. On his way home he meets a Rebel agent, learns the ugly truth about the way in which his father died, and swears revenge.

Now, in Rebel Agent, Kyle learns more about what his father found in the Valley of the Jedi that ultimately led to his death. Kyle finally earns his Knighthood as a Jedi, and the stage is set for him to avenge his father’s death and stop the Dark Jedi from taking control of the source of energy that lies underneath the valley.

Written by John Whitman, based on a novel by William C. Dietz
Produced by Tom Voegeli
Directed by Peter Moore
Music by John Williams

Mark Benninghofen as Luke
Randal Berger as Kyle Katarn
Virginia Burke as Norley
David Chase as Morgan Katarn
Mo Collins as Jan Ors
Patrick Coyle as Bounty Hunter 2
Nancy Crocker as Sariss
Stephen D’Ambrose as Pilot and Boc
Wendy Easton as Female Bounty Hunter
Susanne Egli as Leia
Chris Forth as Mon Mothma
Jeff Gadbois as Doctor
Tim Glovatsky as Boba Fett, Bar Bouncer, and Grentho
Gary Groomes as Gorc
Allen Hamilton as Jerec
Ken Hiller as Narrator
Tom Keith as Captain Jerg, Rolanda, and Goon 1
Timothy Kuhlmann as Yun
Michael Levin as Duno
Peter Moore as Nij Por Ral, 8t88
Bob Otto as Majordomo
Cliff Rakerd as Pic, WeeGee
Martin Ruben as Maw
Tim Russell as Bounty Hunter 1 and Captain Zyak
Bill Slichter as Goon 2 and Orderly
Michael Tezla as Rahn


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