Lost Tribe of the Sith 5: Purgatory

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Lost Tribe of the Sith 5: Purgatory
Montag, 25. Oktober 2010
John Jackson Miller – Autor*in
David Stevenson
  • bei Del Rey
  • E-Book, 26 Seiten
  • ISBN 978-0-345-51942-9
  • $0,00 USD
Der Vergessene Stamm der Sith
Ära der Alten Republik (3960 VSY)


The mighty Sith dynasty founded on the planet Kesh by the survivors of the shipwrecked Omen has endured for a thousand years-and so has the merciless Sith code, which prizes power above all else. Lady Orielle Kitai enjoys power as the scion of a noble family and member of the elite Sith Sabers. But Lillia Venn, as reigning Grand Lord of the Sith, possesses absolute power…and is determined to keep it.

When a failed regicide sparks a political-and literal-bloodbath and suspicion falls on Orielle, she is swiftly condemned to slavery by the ruthless Grand Lord Venn. But seeing the cunning power play for what it is, Orielle vows to strike back. And at the ramshackle home of a poor dirt farmer with an astounding secret, she discovers the means to make her vengeance a devastating reality.

BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Vortex.

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