Star Wars Omnibus: Boba Fett

Ausgabe • Comic

Mittwoch, 24. März 2010
Francisco Ruiz Velasco
Ära des Aufstiegs des Imperiums, Ära der Rebellion, Ära der Neuen Republik (3 VSY bis 10 NSY)
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Boba Fett, the most feared, most respected, and most loved bounty hunter in the galaxy, now has all of his comics stories collected into one massive volume!

In these stories, Boba Fett gets caught between the Rebellion and the Empire; seeks a mysterious relic from a wrecked Star Destroyer; settles a diplomatic dispute — with extreme prejudice; takes part in a bounty-hunter free-for-all; fights Darth Vader; and even goes up against a Boba Fett impostor! There’s no job too deadly for the man in Mandalorian armor!

  • A complete collection of Boba Fett tales!
  • Boba Fett encounters Darth Vader, Han Solo, and . . . another Boba Fett?
  • The Dark Horse Star Wars Omnibus series gives you over 400 big pages for only $24.99!

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