Star Wars #90: The Choice!

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Star Wars #90: The Choice
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Reihe:Star Wars (Marvel 1977-1986)
Ära:Ära der Rebellion
Timeline:4 NSY


An all-new post-Jedi adventure, presented as only Marvel can present it! What will happen to Luke and Leia now that the rebels have won the war? It’s a major turning point in the Star Wars saga—and it guest-stars Rik Duel! And the Kiro gang! And—hold onto yer hats—the Ewoks!

Rik, Dani and Chihdi [sic!] promise to be good, but no sooner do they land with Luke and Leia on Endor when they’re up to their ears in trouble again! What is the future of the Alliance? Luke, Leia and the rebel leaders must decide—and fast! „The Choice!“ is written by Jo Duffy, penciled by Bob McLeod and inked by Tom Palmer!

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Star Wars #90: The ChoiceThe Choice!
Mary Jo Duffy (Autor), Bob McLeod (Zeichner), Tom Palmer (Tuschezeichner), Bob Sharen (Kolorist), Ann Nocenti (Redakteur), Jim Shooter (Redakteur)
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